Snowkite Lesson Instructors

Anton Rainold has been certified by PASA and IKO for both snow and water and is one of the leaders in snowkite instruction. Having set the standard and many of the learning procedures on antonCoachsnow today.

To date he is one of the most expirenced and knowledgeable instructors on snow. He started the first Snowkite specific shop and school in the country, (2003). His first kiting experience was with the millennium in 2000, and now has kited in many different parts of the world.

Now a full time resident of Silverthorne, CO. He is finding ways to keep his sails full, (so to speak) throughout the whole year. Anton’s background is sailing, and started at a very young age. Up until just recently he was a Captain on some of the most prestigious yachts in the world. So experience with the elements and how to take advantage of them has never been a short coming.

Annually Anton organizes the Dillon Snowkite Open, a race and freestyle event, eld Every February in Dillon, CO. And most recently help launch the first North American Snowkite Tour (NAST) With stops in Colorado, Utah, Montana and Idaho. For the fastest and easiest way to learn how to kite, contact Anton today!
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Becky Peet Our full time instructor spends half her year in the snow and the other half at the beach. Becky started kiting as a kid on the frozen lakes of Minnesota where she already sailed and snowboarded. She has coached high level sailing and snowboarding since 2006 and now enjoys the combination of the two sports through teaching kite boarding.

During the summer months, Becky teaches kite boarding in Hawaii. There she enjoys playing in the waves with her kite surf set up and mingling with the abundance of global travelers. As a certified sailboat race coach, Becky has a high level of wind awareness and gear tuning importance. She won the Midwest Junior Olympics in dinghies.

Once winter rolls around, Becky heads East towards the Colorado rockies, where she teaches snowboarding and skiing at Breckenridge Ski Resort in addition to snow kiting for us, Colorado Kite Force. With a background in wilderness medicine she is fully equipped to deal with the surprises that can come with the winter elements. Her depth in board/ski awareness from snow

teaching adds to her knowledge of sliding while under the pull of a kite.

Additionally, Becky teaches yoga. This gives her a deep understanding of body mechanics and how to keep our bodies happy and healthy in order to keep up in this fast pace world, especially while partaking in extreme(ly) fun sports!

With Becky’s technical background of the two sports that ultimately combine to make kiting, in addition to her love for teaching and her lively yet patient personality, we are happy to have her on our team for teaching you how to harness the elements!

Safety is the primary responsibility of our certified instructors. Our goal is to make it yours too. Upon completion of a full lesson the student can receive a Level I Pilot Certification (rated for snowkiting). A level 2 kite certification will enable the student to rent and demo kites from Colorado Kite Force or any other participating kiting facility around world. This can be received by having a certified instructor rate your ability level and costs nothing. Let snow kiting open the door to fun and adventure for you!

To contact Anton directly send him an e-mail

All bookings and reservations should be made at the shop via e-mail or call (970) 485-3300