Snowkite Lesson Instructors

Anton Rainold has been certified by PASA and IKO for both snow and water and is one of the leaders in snowkite instruction. Having set the standard and many of the learning proceedures on antonCoachsnow today.

To date he is one of the most expirenced and knowledgeable instructors on snow. He started the first Snowkite specific shop and school in the country, (2003). His first kiting experience was with the millennium in 2000, and now has kited in many different parts of the world.

Now a full time resident of Silverthorne, CO. He is finding ways to keep is sails full, (so to speak) throughout the whole year. Anton’s background is sailing, and started at a very young age. Up until just recently he was a Captain on some of the most prestigious yachts in the world. So experience with the elements and how to take advantage of them has never been a short coming.

Annually Anton organizes the Dillon Snowkite Open, a race and freestyle event, eld Every February in Dillon, CO. And most recently help launch the first North American Snowkite Tour (NAST) With stops in Colorado, Utah, Montana and Idaho. For the fastest and easiest way to learn how to kite, contact Anton today!
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Emmet Sproul Hello, My name is Emmet Sproul, I live in Breckenridge Colorado. I’m a 14 year old snow and water kiter. I have been kiting since I was 9. We do a lot of snowkiting where I live. I travel to Maui with my family to kite there also. I think that kiting is a great family and kids sport.

I would love to see and help more kids and familys start kiting. Its a great way to spend family time together and a super fun sport to learn. Learning to kite on the snow is a great way to begin kiting.

I work and train with Colorado Kiteforce on lake Dillon. We have a special program for Middle and Highschool kids who would like to learn to kite. Any Middle or Highschool student qualifies for a FREE snowkite introductory lesson on an Ozone trainer kite. Contact me at Colorado Kiteforce and schedule your lesson this winter. If they wish to continue on to extended lessons, purchasing kites or renting kites after lessons, we have super bro deal prices just for Middle and Highschool students.Emmet Sproul

I love to compete on snow and water and like racing the most. My favorite type of kiting is on my strapless surfboard in the waves with a Reo. I also realy love to snowkite.

Kiting is a lot like skiing. Its a great sport to learn and do together as a family. You dont have to be super rad or extreme to have fun. Its a ton of fun do togeter even on any level. Once you learn, you can do it together on snow and water everywhere.

I encourage all the kids and familys who have been thinking about learning to kite to, GO FOR IT !

My kite of choice is the Ozone Reo.

Justin Young Started traction kiting in parks in the Denver in the summer of 2006, and learned to kiteski at lake Dillon that winter. Attended Therapy Session in 2007 and every year since into the Dillon Snowkite Open of 2011. Started kite landboarding in 2007, and have kited in over 20 locations in the Denver area. Helped establish kiter code of conduct for Arapahoe county parks. Learned kite surfing in 2008 in Oakland CA. Became a IKO Snowkite level I instructor in 2010 and immediately joined Colorado Kite Force. Main experience is snowkite and kite landboard, but I have used kites with buggies, bikes, skateboards, rollerblades, skis, snowboard, and kiteboards.

Jon McCabe
Jon McCabe
is in his third year with Colorado Kite Force. He is PKIA certified on snow and IKO water certified and was also the store manager at Colorado Kite Force during our shop days. In the offseason he has been teaching kiteboarding in Equador and Maui.

Safety is the primary responsibility of our certified instructors. Our goal is to make it yours too. Upon completion of a full lesson the student will receive a Level I Pilot Certification (rated for snowkiting). A level 2 kite certification will enable the student to rent and demo kites from Colorado Kite Force or any other participating kiting facility around world. This can be received by having a certified instructor rate your ability level and costs nothing. Let snow kiting opent the door to fun and adventure for you!

To contact Anton directly send him an e-mail

All bookings and reservations should be made at the shop via e-mail or call (970) 485-3300