What is Snowkiting?

Snowkiting is the newest and fastest growing winter sport, and with good reason, its exciting and easy to learn! If you already have a board or skis, you are half way there! A small kite and a short lesson is all you need to get started.Snow has very little friction, allowing a small kite to easily pull a rider while maintaining total control. Snow also offers an ideal time to learn and perfect your skills before taking your new sport to the beach for summer time fun and excitement.

What do I need to get started?

First you will need a Power kite something between a 2-5 meter size should be good. Next, take any snowboard or skis that you have or can find. Of course twin-tips work better, but start with what you have, because anything will work. The last piece of equipment is a harness, used for hooking into the kite’s power and resting your arms. Your leash will also be attached to this. This gear is provided when you take a lesson or Demo gear from Colorado Kite Force.

Ski’s or snowboard?

Ski’s are definitely easier to learn on, no question.  Even if you are a seasoned snowboarder a novice skier will pick it up quicker.  So we really recommend learning on skis first.  It can be as simple as just flying the kite on the ground to just stepping into your bindings and off you go!   You’re here to learn how to fly the kite so the less you need to concentrate on the better.  Once you’re proficient with a kite a snowboard may be the final step to transfer easily back and forth from water to snow.

Where can we kite?

Any snow covered area will work. Make sure there are no hidden obstacles below the surface! Grassy parks are nice, but any farm field or frozen lake will work. The ultimate areas are mountain ridge tops, which are above tree line, providing open riding terrain and consistent winds.

How long can I ride for?

For as long as the wind blows! Riders have been out non-stop for hours, coming in only to rest and replenish. The beauty of Snowkiting is being in control, going where you want to go, and exploring the world from a new point of view.

Are there many people snowkiting?

There are people snowkiting in nearly every snow covered country around the world. There is a World Championship competition that links the US with the European riders and showcases the leading Freestyle developments.  Just locally we have grow in size tremendously in the last 3 years.  On a good day there can be as many as 20 kites out on Dillon Reservoir now.

Is it easy to learn?

Yes, Snowkiting is the easiest form of kiting to master. If you have ever wanted to do it on the water here is where you should start.  Most students can grasp all of the skills easily in the same day, since the snow allows one to ride with smaller more easily controlled kites. Please start with one of the kiting lessons listed below.

What is the most common kite size?

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